December 2011

Now with 43% more water sports!

 The new issue of Instigator is now for sale, come get it while it's hot (and before we get the pages all stuck together).

Get Hooked!

 First of all, let us wish all of our toy boys Happy Holidays and a smashing Year’s end! We hope to see a lot of you in the New Year, and don’t forget that the store will remain open until 15h next Saturday.
Before we close up shop today to go our merry way and celebrate the birth of Santa Claus, here is a quick round-up of some hot new products and some old products that are returning after a long absence. We are sure you’ll welcome them with gleeful enthusiasm.

Like a Hollywood teen comedy, this week we are all about Tits & Ass!

 A popular item in our stock has always been the nipple cylinder . Designed like the penis cylinder, they are used to enlarge the nipples and while at the same time increasing their sensitivity. Though without a doubt an excellent product, there are only two sizes available and they require a separately sold vacuum pump for use. In addition, the available sizes are not large enough to be used by men who have medium-to-large nipple piercings.