Toy Boy’s Recipe to make things go smoothly (into boy toys)

What you need:
·         A regular mixer for puréeing
·         A measuring cup, preferably glass. A tall, thin cup is easiest
·         One liter of carbonated water
·         100 cl of J-Lube
·         A mixing cup, with a capacity of a little more than a liter
·         Containers for the freezer
·         About 15 minutes of your time
·         A willing bottom in need of a good time
·         Biceps that can go the distance
Put 100cl of J-Lube in a measuring cup. Add a small amount of fizzy water. Use a mixer to get a thick blubber. Gradually add water. Mix vigorously while pouring.
Because of the fizzy water the mixture will produce a lot of bubbles. These will actually help mix the J-Lube. If there are too many bubbles, wait a while until the foam has settled. Continue this process until all the water has been added.
With a clean spatula, feel if there are any chunks left on the bottom of the measuring cup. Best case scenario there aren’t, but should there be, mix some more & try to get the mixer all the way to the bottom of the cup.
You should now have an excellent batch of J-Lube! Reign in your loins though, we’re not done just yet.
If you are fanatic about sterility, you can transfer the mixture to a deepfreeze container & place it in the microwave. It should take about 3 minutes for the stuff to boil, and thus any possible contaminants are eliminated.
Leave the mixed lube in the refrigerator until the foam is completely gone. You can now freeze it in the plastic containers.
Half a liter should be ample to fist one eager asshole for several hours.
Some websites recommend adding hydro peroxide , for hygiene. This is not advisable as it turns the lube back into water.
Pleasant Pumping!