August 2011

The Pink Arrow


Even the biggest Toy Boys need a vacation every now and then, so for the next ten days or so, Marcel & Cor will be inflicting themselves on the Germans. Not to fret though, the store will remain open during the usual hours.
Speaking of our German neighbours, we received some less than thrilling news from Münster. Local man Dirk Winter won the archery meet there, thereby qualifying himself to represent the West-German city at the national archery championship.
No problem there, you’d say, yet trouble arose when Winter appointed his partner of 15 years to be the Archery Queen. His partner’s name is Oliver Hermsdorf. And it was his having a penis that started off the ruckus.

Come Sling Away With Me

As we promised last week

Sultan of Sling

All you slinging kids better hold on to your jock-straps, because we have exciting news!