November 2011

“If you happen to know of a better way to clean a penis, I’m all ears!”

This unusual quote was heard at the store over the past weekend during an extensive “Dildo Dusting” project, which is set to continue for a while, as literally hundreds of dildos need to pass through our experienced hands.
So why are we having this rather late spring cleaning? It’s like this: we’ve had some renovating done to our stairs over the past weeks, and the resulting dust has covered everything in layers of muck. Whilst shelves and leather jackets can be dusted down relatively easily, dildos tend to really suck up the dust, making a more thorough scrubbing a necessity.

Get your nuts in a sling

 We almost forgot to tell all you Toy Boys about an exciting new product we got in recently. Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with the Oxball cocksling, or with their assortment of sturdy silicone anal locks. These we have been selling for a good while now.
Joining them now is a kind of hybrid between the two: the Spark Plug is an ingenious butt plug, attached to a cocksling. The attachment is one stretchy bastard, so whether your hole & your balls are close neighbours, or whether they reside in different zip codes,  makes no difference.

“Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.”

Victor Hugo knew what he was talking about when he spoke the above sentence, and if you need any convincing, allow us to present the “Jack Of All Trades”. This leather mask has adjustable straps on all sides for that perfect snug fit. The nose remains open, and the mouth can be covered by a removable leather patch with press-studs.
Not a big deal, I hear the more seasoned Toy Boys scoff? Well, hold on then, because this is where it gets interesting!