Rub my lamp and I'll make all your dreams come true

 Just a quick update to alert you boys that a couple of absentee products have returned to us: Aladdin’s Lamp and its little brother, Abu’s Lamp are back in stock.
The Aladdin’s Lamp all-over thick cock-sheath and ball bag comes in two versions, one closed at the end and one with a flush tube which is ideal for watersports.

All good things must go in the end.

Howdi y’all! 
We have a lot to tell to our toy boys this time so get comfy before you start reading about all the delicious new products we have for you, and also about some fan favourites making a much anticipated return to our cosy little store.

Got comfy? Here goes then!

Special promotions for Leatherpride weekend!

 Your Toy Boys are hurrying their asses off as Antwerp is gearing up for Antwerp Leather Pride weekend. Tonight you can find us at Het Roze Huis to ask our fellow boys “So you think you can fuck?” at the much anticipated SM & Fetish 4 Dummies.
Before we head off, just a quick message to inform you all about our special Leatherpride promotions.