SexToy Enquete

Beste klant,
aangaande een onderzoek  naar de frequentie van aankoop in "sextoys" werd ons gevraagd door KATRIEN DE JONGHE (studente aan de HUBrussel) deze link online te plaatsen.

Upcomming official hollidays

Upcomming official hollidays
special openinghours on:
Easter( Pasen ) Sunday 4th of April:CLOSED
Saturday 1st of May: 14h-17h
Ascension( OLH Hemelvaart )Thursday 13th of May: CLOSED
Pentecost( Pinksteren ) Sunday23th of May:CLOSED
Toys4boys Team

Link Updates

Hey Guys,
Dont forget to check our 'links'page for the latest and hottest, clubs parties and events.
Have fun!
Toys4boys Team

Pannekoek(en) voor Haiti


benefietactie tijdens Pannekoek  bracht 6450 euro op!

Poster is ready

Nils made us a beautiful poster! You can see more of his work at his freshly created website: http//
In the shop you can get your free copy of the poster to decorate your playroom.
If you order something in our webshop we will of course include a free copy.
You can choose A3 or A2 format.