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Proud Antwerp

After four successful days of shockingly pink fairs, bedraggled bus-tours, slightly damp outdoor festivities, a diverse range of parties & many more events, Antwerp Pride was officially concluded on the Grand Market with a Closing Festival. Those pesky weather-gods must have felt badly about their behavior & at least this event was blessed with some genuine summer weather.
During the festival a whistling-concert was held to protest homophobic violence, in consequence of a vicious attack on a young gay man in Brussels earlier in the week, followed by other incidents in Antwerp. (We ourselves spent the Pride days with a broken window after having been vandalized during the night… for the eighth time, and only 3 weeks after our large display window had been thrown in.)

Brand Spanking New!

It wasn’t easy, but we managed to find room for two new products in our well-stocked little store! We’re pleased & intimidated to welcome the Spanking Rope Braided & its big brother, the Spanking Rope Twisted to our collection. For 17 euro 50 you can take them home & feel their sting.
Furthermore our stock of electro-toys has been replenished. We can now once again offer our discerning clientele our sizzling nipple clamps & our positively shocking latex dildos, which come in small & large.
It’s electrifying!

Let's give Antwerp Pride a hand!

The festivities of Antwerp Pride are almost upon us & we here at Toys4Boys don’t intend to let them pass unnoticed.

Creative Moulding introduces its new HARDER rubber formula

Creative Mouldings has been a valued supplier of ours since the very beginning, and many of our customers have enjoyed (and how!) their wide range of rubber toys.  Recently there have been some issues with products that were prone to breaking .

That’s why Creative Mouldings is proud to present its brand new harder rubber formula, guaranteed to withstand your vigorous playing needs!  

A Part II

A Part II

Due to several circumstances beyond our control we regret we have to cancel this year's exhibition.
Next year we hope to bring you a biggger and better F.Art.
We hope you have a happy pride and will most certainly meet you during one of the parties.


Eddy (Plan B) Marcel (Toys4boys)


New Arrivals !!!

Hey Guys,
We 've  got some  new arrivals at the shop wich are sure to tickle your interests...
A new great powder based lube called SLEDGE HAMMER! There are 3 great varieties within this new product
-Slick and Slippery
-Fierce Relaxation
-Naturaly Soothing
and offcourse the sledge hammer cleansing powder ( not to be mixed with water like the product itself  )
Further more we can present to you "the Nipplekillers" a magnettic system in nipple clamps !
The "REAM AND DREAM" dildo from TSX
and offcourse u can find all your  old favourites  at our shop  from gloves and lubes to cockrings and extreme ASStoys!

safety and lube

Lubricants may increase disease risk of anal sex, studies show

May 25, 2010 |  5:00 pm

The use of lubricants may make anal sex more comfortable, but they may also increase the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, researchers said Tuesday. Many experts have been concerned about the potential effects of such lubricants, but there have previously been virtually no studies about how they affect disease.