Ceci n'est pas du beurre

Subtle, classy, yet quite clear =-D


What do you guys think?

Should we start selling these babies? What do you think?
We're kind of dying to find out if they would really make us squeal ^^

New from Barcode Berlin!

Oink Oink On Over & See What We Got

Squeal with wild abandon and delight, piggies, we have so much new stuff in, and more coming in over the next weeks. Here's just a few randomly selected: 


Been a good boy?

Have you been a good boy? Then get your trainer to reward you with some new gear!


Fijne Nationale Feestdag gewenst, België!

But we are open during regular week hours, 11 to 20! 

Ahoy Sailors!

It is known that Toy Boys love seamen so in honour of the The Tall Ships Races Antwerp 2016 (and its racers *wink wink, nudge nudge*) we present our In The Navy Promo:



Back By Popular Demand

Back by popular demand, the Barcode Berlin Single Shoulder Pad is back.