Open on Ascension Thursday!

Next Thursday we will be open from 11 to 20, as usual. We're sure Jesus will still love us long time.

Steel, Steel, Baby!

We've spent the last two weekends cataloguing a massive batch of stainless steel gear we snatched up. Some of it was already part of our regular stock, but a lot of it is making its début: CBT, Stretchers, Chastity, Collars, Cuffs, Cockrings, Specula, and more things that go up your butt than I can mention here.


To all our beloved Toy Boys, a very happy Easter!

Hopefully your holiday isn't ruined by the fact that we will be closed tomorrow. See you all next week! 

Winter's Done Coming.

Winter's Over, but you can still take advantage of our winter promo on silicone lube until Easter.



You're welcome ^^