Praise Jebus!

Open regular hours, drop on in and say hi!

Happy Easter to all our humping little bunnies!

We'll be open Sunday, for those of you not attending Mass ^^

Longer and more open

Leatherpride Belgium 2016 extra opening hours today, whoop whoop!

Due to LeatherPride, we're more open than usual.

In honour of Leatherpride we're opening early tomorrow. All you toy boys can come visit us between 11h & 18h!


All promos and special offers still apply, so don't hesitate to ask.



Pride on, bitches!

Don't miss out on our Leather Pride Promos!

These and a bunch more, don't hesitate to ask us! 

Leather Pride Promos!

On everything Maskulo

I suppose it's one way to trick someone into wearing a blindfold

Of course the Power-Bottom Novice needs intensive training from his Cockmeister before he can truly master the art of tasting through his arse ^^


Found this in the belly of the web somewhere, but it's clearly stolen from Pierre Fitch so credit where it's due.



Say Adios to Boris, and say it on the cheap!

Long-time stalwart "Boris" from Barcode Berlin has gone out of production, and we urgently need to make some room for the fresh new jocks, so starting Thursday and while supplies last: clearance sale on all colours of Boris, get them while the getting is good!



Some new stuff for you guys: