New Stuff from Barcode Berlin!

Some new stuff from Barcode Berlin - fetish & sportswear came in today!


Back in stock from Barcode!

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A bit of bad and a bit of good news for our customers.

Dearest Toy Boys



While we generally refrain from discussing the heavier subjects in life on this page,

Perfect Fit Presents!

- Armour Split: to really show your balls at their testicular best! 



- Armour Knight: seriously cool strap-on that can be worn by the ladies, but thanks to the hollow dildo, also by then gents, as a cock extender.


Now with a handy pump!

X-man Silicone Lube presents its slick new bottle.

Sleazy Slippery Sunday

Closing off Antwerp Pride with Sleazy Slippery Sunday: 10% off all lube, except Amos + 1 free 30 ml silicone lube bottle free with every purchase.



We are open from 11 to 18 today instead of our normal Sunday hours and of course it's still triple points on the bonuscard.

Sinjoor Saturday!

Sinjoor Saturday today! Show your Pride with an "Antwerps Handje" for only €10 or with a large Rainbow Flag at 20% off.



And of course triple points on the Bonus card.


Fitness Friday!

Today is Fitness Friday: 10% off on all sportswear!


We're taking the broad view of sportswear so we're including all jocks and basically anything by Barcode Berlin & CellBlock13.


And of course triple points on the bonus card.

Dolle Dildo Donderdag

As we foreshadowed yesterday: today is Dolle Dildo Donderdag, 10% off on all dildos, and we'll throw in Butt Plugs as well, but we couldn't alliterate as nicely with those.


And of course triple points on the Bonus Card.



See you all soon!

Open today!

We're open today, kicking off Pride with Wrist Wallet Wednesday and a 10% discount on all Wrist Wallets.


And of course Triple Points on your bonus-card all week long.