Sinjoor Saturday!

Sinjoor Saturday today! Show your Pride with an "Antwerps Handje" for only €10 or with a large Rainbow Flag at 20% off.



And of course triple points on the Bonus card.


Fitness Friday!

Today is Fitness Friday: 10% off on all sportswear!


We're taking the broad view of sportswear so we're including all jocks and basically anything by Barcode Berlin & CellBlock13.


And of course triple points on the bonus card.

Dolle Dildo Donderdag

As we foreshadowed yesterday: today is Dolle Dildo Donderdag, 10% off on all dildos, and we'll throw in Butt Plugs as well, but we couldn't alliterate as nicely with those.


And of course triple points on the Bonus Card.



See you all soon!

Open today!

We're open today, kicking off Pride with Wrist Wallet Wednesday and a 10% discount on all Wrist Wallets.


And of course Triple Points on your bonus-card all week long.

A Perfect Fit

Hump Gear XL: Are you ready for a new butt play experience? Hump Gear is a fuckable plug that contorts to fit inside your internal anatomy to give that extra overload for both partners. 


Shirtless Selfies Wanted!

Come show 'm in person, mail 'm in or share 'm on our Facebook page

Geef je mening over de nieuwe campagne van Sensoa

Sensoa bouwt aan een nieuwe grote campagne voor homomannen. Daarvoor hebben we jouw hulp nodig!


Any Jacks wanna climb these beanstalks?

25% off on all extreme dildos during the Giants' visit to our fair city!